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Lakes 2 Day Trial - 15th & 16th October 2005
Rider numbers 61 to 80

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DSC_6851 DSC_6854 DSC_6861 DSC_6866 DSC_6867
DSC_6851.jpg DSC_6854.jpg DSC_6861.jpg DSC_6866.jpg DSC_6867.jpg
DSC_6869 DSC_6871 DSC_6872 DSC_6873 DSC_6874
DSC_6869.jpg DSC_6871.jpg DSC_6872.jpg DSC_6873.jpg DSC_6874.jpg
DSC_6876 DSC_6884 DSC_6886 DSC_6888 DSC_6891
DSC_6876.jpg DSC_6884.jpg DSC_6886.jpg DSC_6888.jpg DSC_6891.jpg
DSC_6905 DSC_6913 DSC_6976 DSC_7014 DSC_7015
DSC_6905.jpg DSC_6913.jpg DSC_6976.jpg DSC_7014.jpg DSC_7015.jpg

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